After the fight, Bangkok Chicken needs more attention, because it is this treatment that determines the career of a fighting chicken in the face of the next battle. Often occurs in post-fighting chickens due to lack of attention making the chicken lose the character of fighting, falling mentally, even more severe defects in the end die.

Stages in this treatment are:
Clean the chicken wound using warm water then coat the head area and areas that are not overgrown with oil wasps. For cuts or tears wipe clean the wound using salt water or hot betel water stew then give the medicine wounds such as, powder Sulfadelamite, Betadine, etc., then give the chicken 1 grain of antibiotics (Amoxilin, Penicylin etc.), Giving antibiotics is done for 3 days respectively to prevent infection of the wound. If there are cuts in the chicken mouth, give a blue medicine (medicine for human saryawan). This blue medicine can be found in the nearest pharmacies.

After that the chicken is placed in a separate cage so that the chicken can rest.

On the 2nd day give chicken vitamins that are liquid if it is solid vitamins can also be thawed and if necessary chicken is given deep wound medicine. Feeding should be in the form of porridge and if the chicken appears not to eat, suapi slowly. Do not give hard food like meat, grain, corn, etc.

After the wound slightly dry the scar with the wound ointment and the above mentioned blue medicine.

On the 5th day the chicken can be removed from the cage then on the umbar sufficiently or place it in a kipu cage (sand floor cage) to stretch the muscles

Day 6 chicken has to be bathed and dried in moderation.

Day 7 chickens have been allowed in cliter sufficiently or in umbar dikandang run.

A week ahead the chicken is allowed to abar empty again.

A week later the chicken was able to fall back fighting.

Thus, hopefully this Chickens After Fight Care tips is useful for you. Greetings.


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