Calcium capsule is wrapped in a capsule supplement. This supplement contains some ingredients that are needed for bone fighting cock. 1 bottle containing 50 capsules FUNCTION: -To Solid bones and unbiased. -Make Perfect bone structure. -Make Strong bones. -Prevent or treatment of bone brittle, crooked bones, paralysis, heel and toe swelling, tendon, half-broken / loose, bruising, joint disorders, etc. -Increase quality produc- tion of eggs … Continue reading CALCIUM CAPSULE


Herb for all chicken Spices blended with natural ingredients without chemicals. With the right composition. traditional manual processes. Easily soluble in water. Has been through research and trials. Safe for poultry. Can be used for fighter aircraft chicken (bangkok, burma, pakhoy, Magon, brazil, pama, vietnam, philiphin, Saigon, Shamo, siam etc.) This plant can be given also to poultry or ornamental as Bantam, turkey, chicken SERAMA, … Continue reading PAWANG JAGO