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tips perawatan ayam bangkokFor a good way to bathe a good cock can not be rich bathing other animals by directly flushing the body until wet. It is not allowed for FIGHTER chicken. How to bathe the correct bangkok chicken just moisten certain parts of the chicken body. At the time of bathing the chicken prepare a bucket, foam, chicken position slightly clamped while squatting and chicken head is slightly pressed down, water watered through the foam which had been prepared before the head and face and then the wet head was immediately wiped with a clean cloth. Other parts that need watering are the neck, wings, waist, cloaca. When watering on the part try to keep the wool is not wet that is by brushing away the hair.
You can also do by bathing the chicken with steam once a week. Water used is hot water then take a towel dipped in hot water ago then the towel is wrapped into the chicken body with tight. This is still rarely done by the owner of the fighter chicken when steam bath good for body and chicken skin.